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来源:不详   作者:宗萨钦哲仁波切
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  We may be a minority, but there are some of us who have the merit, as well as the guts, confidence and courage to take the path of guru devotion as our utmost essential path. I was taught by my master that the core of this path is remembering the guru.


  Contrary to many people's assumption that the guru is some kind of external entity that dictates your life, if I have understood correctly, in the Vajrayana the guru is the path.


  Mindfulness is the heart of the practice of all of the Buddha's vehicles, whether you are in the Shravakayana, the Mahayana or the Bodhisattvayana. There are millions of methods to enhance this mindfulness, remind us of this mindfulness, and invoke this mindfulness. In the Vajrayana, we have the guru as the reminder, and also what we remember.


  The great Jigme Lingpa said that when a yogi pursues the path of enlightenment, he could spend years and years accumulating merit through all kinds of methods, but meditation that lasts the duration of a cup of tea is more penetrating to this solid hard wrapping of ours. Spending years and years in meditation is excellent, but it is nothing compared to a single moment of remembering the guru. Even just remembering the guru's name will dispel confusion and accumulate countless oceans of merit.

  伟大的吉美林巴曾说,瑜珈士在求道的过程中,他可能以各种方法,数年又数年地累积福德,但若能以一杯茶的时间来禅修,更能深入我们这个坚固的缠裹。能进行数 年又数年的禅修很好,但比起回忆上师即使一剎那,前者根本不算什么。就算只是想起上师的名号,也能驱除迷惑,并累积无数如海的功德。

  Ch?gyam Trungpa Rinpoche was a pioneer and igniter of Buddhadharma in the West. Without a doubt, that must have been a challenging task. What Rinpoche has achieved would usually take at least three generations—first introducing, then maturing, and finally stirring things up. Rinpoche managed to do all of this in less than twenty years!


  Western disciples might appreciate that what Ch?gyam Trungpa Rinpoche has done takes great talent. However, as a person from a similar background, I cannot even begin to fathom the amazing courage that he had—this may be more difficult for others to understand.


  One of the main challenges in the world today is the inability to understand others' points of view, cultures and traditions, and therefore being unable to communicate effectively. Rinpoche not only managed to understand the culture and thinking of the West, but was then able to interpret Buddhist wisdom, coming up with everything from terms to symbolism and disciplines. He created and communicated all of this incredibly effectively, from the smallest terms to a whole new culture and kingdom, while never diluting the fundamental Buddhist view.

  今日世界的主要挑战 之一,是在于无法了解他人的观点、文化和传统,并因此无法有效沟通。仁波切不仅成功地了解西方的文化和思维,也因此能诠释佛法的智慧,创出了从术语到象征 符号和规范戒律的这一切。他在这所有的创新和沟通方面都极为有效,从最微小的术语到整个新文化和王国,而同时从未削弱佛法的基本观点。

  To this day, I think many of us are struggling to teach Buddhism beyond Tibet , beyond the East. We owe him a lot for opening that world.


  Twenty years after the passing of Ch?gyam Trungpa Rinpoche into the parinirvana, I can confidently say as an independent observer that although Rinpoche's students have gone through lots of bumpy roads at times and lots of blissful roads at other times, they have kept his vision, his atmosphere, his smell, and his presence. From my deluded perception I can only interpret that this must be due to their love and devotion.

  在邱阳创巴 仁波切圆寂二十周年之后,我可以有信心地说,作为一位自主的观察者,尽管仁波切的学生有时走过许多颠簸而跌撞的路段,有时则是走过许多快乐而忘忧的路段, 他们仍维持着仁波切的愿景、仁波切的氛围、仁波切的味道,以及仁波切的风采。从我迷妄的知觉来看,我只能将之诠释为必然来自他们〈对上师〉的爱和虔诚。

  Keep up the good work!



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